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Jobs Victoria

As a Jobs Victoria Partner, FGM Consultants are servicing Gippsland, Loddon Campaspe and Southern Metro Regions through the FGM ‘Seek to Employ Program’.  This program is a continuation and refinement of the FGM Jobs Programs we have delivered in partnership with Jobs Victoria since 2016. 

Services provided by FGM Consultants include:

  • Preparing jobseekers for employment Employability Skills, Job Preparation & Wellbeing Training

Depending on the assessment results jobseekers will undertake a tailored set of modules to allow for effective transition to employment and provide a range of strategies to effectively manage other aspects of their life. Modules will include Employability Skills, Job Preparation and Wellbeing with additional Induction type training for selected employers.

·         Pre-Placement

FGM will assist jobseekers with a range of measures including short-term transport/childcare assistance (until their first pay day), fuel vouchers, PT vouchers, provision of workplace clothing and PPE, hygiene kits   and personal support grooming. Provision of practical assistance made on a case-by-case basis and, as the above list is only an example, tailored assistance will be provided as required.

All jobseekers will be supported with usual employer/industry requirements as required by the employer.

·         Employer Introduction & Work Taster Experience

All suitable jobseekers will be matched with potential employers and will undertake where relevant 1–2 day employer work taster experiences that, has proven to be the most effective outcome conversion tool.


·         Utilise relevant non-vocational supports in the community.
Where actions are identified to be required outside the scope of expertise of FGM. We will engage a more specialist support service from within the Jobs Victoria network. Or alternatively, hold confidential discussions in conjunction with JobActives and community support organisations to provide appropriate solution/s.

·         Develop connections with employers to locate job opportunities.

FGM will maintain our existing employer relationships developed during the last contract and expand our  network to identify new employers with job opportunities within each region. We have engaged new Employment Engagement Officers (EEOs)  to visit employers to gather a better understanding of their needs and employer culture to better placement outcomes in each region.

·         Provide post-placement support to ensure sustainable employment outcomes.

FGM will provide post-placement support through ongoing check-ins from EEO’s with both the jobseeker and jobseeker’s direct supervisor/s, using a combination of face-to-face meetings, phone, and email. Where FGM has onsite trainers present at employers as part of RTO business they will focus on the provision of skill development via on-the-job training and mentoring. This is a valuable extension of the FGM Seek to Employ Program.

Our Employment Engagement Officer’s (EEO’s) have scope and experience to work with the jobseekers and provide any necessary and ongoing support. The EEO’s will have access to a range of service contacts to provide the necessary support that will remove any impediments for facing jobseekers. 

Informal linkages with JobActive and support service providers previously utilised across all regions are in place to provide more specialised guidance in addressing non-vocational barriers like wellbeing needs faced by jobseekers as required. 

FGM are servicing the following areas;

Gippsland Region – Bass Coast, Baw Baw, East Gippsland, Latrobe City, South Gippsland and Wellington Shires and included in this region https://www.rdv.vic.gov.au/regional-partnerships

Southern (Metro) Region – Cardinia, Casey City, Kingston City, Frankston City, Greater Dandenong City and Mornington Peninsula Shires/Councils are included in this region https://www.suburbandevelopment.vic.gov.au/partnerships/metropolitan-partnerships/southern-partnership

Loddon Campaspe Region – Campaspe, Central Goldfields, City of Greater Bendigo, Loddon, Macedon Ranges and Mount Alexander Shires are included in this region https://www.rdv.vic.gov.au/regional-partnerships/loddon-campaspe

FGM Mentors Contact List

Southern Metro Region: 0403 609 167 & 0403 616 619

Loddon Campaspe Region: 0403 616 635

Gippsland Region: 0411 378 807

Please email us if you require further information regarding looking for work. Or looking for employees on jobs@fgmconsultants.com.au

FGM Specialist Mentors (Supporting Ex Offenders)

Areas include:

Loddon Campaspe, Barwon & Central Highlands

Please Call: 0421 046 909

Please visit the below website for further information regarding Jobs Victoria